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Coaching for highly sensitive people (HSP)

Does this sound familiar?

When you grew up, or maybe even today,

You were told, you are too sensitive
You were told you need to toughen up
You were told you are too shy, too quiet or just simply weird
You were told you are overreacting
Many highly sensitives are confronted with these and similar accusations. I too, have experienced this and know what it can do to your sense of wellbeing, confidence and self-worth.

Being highly sensitive can mean that you are very sensitive towards the emotions and needs of the people around you. This can have many advantages in your relationships. On the other hand, if you’re a highly empathic HSP, you may tend to put others needs before your own. Maybe you don’t show yourself the same compassion as you have for others. This may result in exhaustion and even burnout.

What’s important here, is to learn to be more centered, acknowledge your own emotions and needs and learn to set appropriate boundaries.

High sensitivity can also show up as being easily overwhelmed by diverse stimuli such as loud noises, bright light, certain materials, strong smells but also energies of people and places. It may feel extremely tiring to be in shopping malls, large crowds or attending big events.

You may need more alone time to recharge, which is actually a very valuable coping tool.

Being highly sensitive may make you feel more deeply in every way. This can cause a tendency to ruminate, or feel more easily weighed down by certain events or emotions.

On the other hand, feeling deeply benefits the other end of the emotional spectrum, as you have the ability to experience heighted compassion, joy and gratefulness.

Important to know, is that high sensitivity is not a disorder! In fact, high sensitivity as defined by Elaine Aron (psychologist and Author of “The Highly Sensitive Person”), is a personality trait to be found in around 20 percent of the population. Many people just don’t know that there’s a name to their unique experiences and instead feel (or are made to feel) inadequate and try to “fit” in to the so-called norm. This can lead to identity crisis, difficulties in the regulation of emotions as well as a lack of self-worth.

High sensitivity can have its challenges but when you learn to live well with your sensitivity you will discover that its gifts are greater!

Being an HSP myself, my sensitive and empathic qualities allow me to connect on a deeper and more intuitive level with my clients. Speaking with someone who can relate first hand may help you to understand yourself better as well.

HSP-Coaching can support you in:

dealing with overwhelm

being more grounded and centered
acknowledging and respecting your emotions
strengthening your sense of self-worth and self-confidence
having more awareness of your needs and honoring them
gaining self-acceptance
setting healthy boundaries

I would be happy to support you on your path to more self-care, self-love and a life lived in honor of your true self!

Sessions take place online. Learn more about online counseling and coaching here.

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